Friday, January 28, 2011


Slow posting these days, but have some understanding; all three of our team are students, two of them in the soul-crushing treadmill of grad school, so our time is limited.

Just released on Monday is the newest single from British producer xxxy, out on the tasty Ten Thousand Yen imprint (a label responsible for putting out Julio Bashmore's fantastic Chazm/Footsteppin' single last year). This release is very reminiscent of the Velour collaboration that Bashmore and Hyetal put out late 2010, with plenty of 8-bit arpeggios, light vocal sampling, and soulful dissonant organ sounds. A great follow up to his shared EP with Ike Release, and a definite must-have. For me, the better of the two is definitely the half-step "You Always Start It". You can preview the release (first released as a limited edition 10"), and buy it over at TTY's bandcamp page...and check out the master of "You Always Start It" right below.

You Always Start It (master) by xxxy

Mux Mool has also released a new EP, titled Drum EP 2. The release is a follow up to one of his earliest recordings, from 2007, which was an EP that a friend challenged him to make at the rate of a song a day, for one week. The new EP is decidedly better in sound quality, and Mux really shines on this release. His debut album Skulltaste was a favourite of mine last year, and his newest work does not disappoint. You can listen to every track in its entirety over at his SoundCloud.

Finally, as a freebie, here's Deadboy's deliciously melodic, funked-out remix of the decidedly mediocre "Days" by Brooklyn due CREEP. The "EP" (inasmuch as an "Intro", one original track, and two remixes can be called an EP) also features the work of Toronto's own Azari & III.


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